‘World’s Best’ is also healthy

Posted: Sep 04, 2014 2:11 PM PDT 


In what started out as a way to help turn her difficult situation around, homemade cookies have allowed Danielle Dharma Haughey to establish a thriving business that has sent nearly a half-million cookies from her ovens in the Wheeling area.

Since 1995, Haughey has produced 480,000 individually wrapped cookies and raised her five children on her own.

She worked her business mostly at night. While her children slept, she baked.

Once she got her children off to school, she took her own opportunity to get some shut-eye.

Through her tenacious spirit and determination, the cookies business really took off.

“Initially I hand-delivered them to a few stores at first,” she said. “They were in Pittsburgh and Wheeling. And then people came in those stores and called our 800 number.

“It just kept growing.”

It was an early customer who gave Haughey’s goods the “World’s Best Cookie” moniker, and its brand name.

Obviously, many agree.

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